Request For Proposals

Deadline: the deadline for submitting proposals is April 10, 2023.

Application Fee: There is a $25 application processing fee. Received applications will not be considered until the fee is received. Please submit your fee by check or cash to Envision Opelika, at 1103 Glenn Street, Opelika. If you would like, you may also pay online. Go to the “Donations” page and click the “Donate” button under the campaign “Application Fee.”

Best Practices, “Project”: This One Day Event fundraiser works best if you can show the community a small, manageable project with a clear beginning and end. Yes, your non-profit needs money for its infrastructure and to support your ongoing mission. But the best practice for a fundraiser of this type is to pick a small package type of project. For example, the Opelika Bicycle Advisory Committee last year raised money for a project to install  2 “Dero” Public Bike Repair Stations. They could estimate the cost needed to install these and show photos of what they look like and how they would help the community in a short, finite goal. Try to come up with one short-term project such as these examples:

  • Good: raising funds to help our nonprofit clinic serve the community.
    • BETTER: raising funds to cover the salary of an additional clinic part-time employee for one year
  • Good: receive funds to help underprivileged students
    • BETTER: raise funds to purchase fully stocked “back-to-school” backpacks for 50 kids;
  • Good: We help seniors live independently with transportation, deliveries, internet assistance, and social activities.
    • BETTER: help us purchase/repair a van for our Senior Transportation & Deliveries service

Project Title: On this application, the “Project” is the short title of the short-term project. For example, the Bicycle Advisory Committee’s project title could be “Bike Repair Stations.”

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