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Produce Box Deliveries, Nourish

According to the USDA Economic Research Service, Alabama ranks number 44 out of 50 states for household food security; meaning 13.1% of households were unable to provide adequate food for one or more household members. The Nourish Foundation has always been committed to fighting food insecurity by serving populations most affected. It began with purchasing, packaging, and delivering produce boxes to families struggling with food insecurity.

Nourish, AL Initiative

Delivering produce boxes to the families served by the Nourish Foundation, and specifically through the Nourish, AL initiative, has been a consistent activity since 2016 and has grown as its capacity to serve people has expanded. Participating in Opelika Giving Day and reaching our goal of $26,000 will cover the costs for the current 25 recipients of Nourish, AL for one year. This will allow our project to increase recipients in the upcoming year, and to continue reaching our goal of ending food insecurity within the Opelika community.

Donated: 3.81%
Goal: 26,000.00
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  • Nourish, AL in Opelika

    Nourish, AL operates out of the Darden House in Opelika, AL. For the city of Opelika, the U.S. Census Bureau states that, as of April 1, 2020, 30,995 people live in the city. The Nourish AL Produce Box Deliveries provide fresh weekly produce to some of the food insecure families within the community. By delivering fresh produce to families, we eliminate transportation barriers and increase healthy lifestyle changes.