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Worthy Squared advocates for adult and minor females who have been exploited through commercial sex, or sex trafficking, so they may reclaim their dignity and self-worth. Our team compassionately guides and mentors survivors as they discover true FREEDOM and the faith to dream again.


We believe the only way to eradicate commercial sexual exploitation, or sex trafficking, is to prevent it from happening in the first place. It must be stopped at the root, the source. The child victim today becomes the adult victim needing intervention tomorrow. We believe through education and awareness training it is possible to STOP the GROOMING, and eventual sexual exploitation, of our children and youth. 

Donated: 45.70%
Goal: 5,000.00


email: [email protected]

phone: 334-352-8280

  • New Clothing

    Our 2024 OGD Project is stocking a Clothing Closet with NEW items for Survivors. In most cases, when a victim is recovered she literally has “nothing but the clothes on her back”. Your donation will help us reach our goal to provide NEW clothing items -because SHE IS WORTH IT!!