Creekline Trailkeepers

Creekline Trails

Creekline Trails of Opelika is a citizen-led project to envision, plan, fund, and build a series of creekside trails and greenways inspired by our unique watershed. Our work is designed to generate valuable recreation, transportation, and conservation benefits with projects that connect neighbors with nature to serve everyone in the community of Opelika, Alabama and the many visitors we welcome.

Our Focus

Creekline Trails continues to plan and develop a series of creekside multi-use paths, bike lanes, and nature paths with plans for pocket parks and greenways throughout the Opelika community. Our focus is on three main purposes: (1) outdoor recreation for fitness, health, and fun, (2) alternative transportation for pedestrians and cyclists, and (3) watershed and greenway conservation, protection, and restoration.


Creekline Trails plans to train and equip a new team of volunteers of all ages called “Trailkeepers” to maintain the public trails. Our new Trailkeepers volunteer program will be gearing up starting this spring with the opening of the new Pepperell Branch-Waverly Trail on April 25, 2024. The Trailkeeper program will be expanded as needed to develop areas of this first mile of new public trail as well as to build and maintain future public trails.

Donated: 95.75%
Goal: 2,470.00

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  • Tools

    The OGD 2024 project will help us purchase good quality tools for our Trailkeepers. Trail work tools must be tough, durable and long-lasting for Trailkeepers who are trained to do a wide range of trail tasks (from light to very heavy work) to keep trails in good condition.