Circles Opelika Relaunch

Addressing Poverty in Opelika

Since September 2023, PRF Teaching Ministry has been proud to be the lead organization for Circles Opelika and aims to continue the work started here in 2018. This project is the next phase of a large-scale push to address poverty in Opelika and surrounding communities through knowledge and resource sharing. 15% of Lee County residents are living in poverty. We experience an even higher rate at 17.4% in the city of Opelika. Circles Opelika’s mission is to inspire and equip families and communities to resolve poverty and thrive.

How the Circles Program Works

Communities across the nation are using Circles because the results are so encouraging. After 18 months, those in the program achieve an average 71% increase in their income, and they experience an increase in the number of people they can call on for support.

In Circles Opelika, through a 12-week training program, participants are connected to opportunities for better jobs, training, or school; they learn how to manage their finances; and most importantly, build the social capital and the confidence necessary to navigate their way out of poverty. Once participants complete their training, they graduate and become Circle Leaders and work with their middle-to-high-income mentors, also known as Allies, who can help build their social capital and help them continue to overcome the systemic barriers that keep people in poverty.

Donated: 17.15%
Goal: 20,000.00


email: [email protected]

phone: 334.759.4884

  • Staff & Training Resources Needed

    Hiring and training staff (and volunteers) with a heart to help others, especially those in our community experiencing situational and generational poverty, is an integral part of re-launching Circles Opelika into the next chapter. By bringing together relevant stakeholders and increasing the workforce capacity necessary to do this important work, Circles Opelika intends to amplify the voices of those most affected by poverty, providing them with the tools and resources to move from surviving to thriving.

    With the addition of a Community Development Specialist position, we intend to help transform the lives of at least 25 families each year by aiding them on the path towards financial self- sufficiency with strong community support.